Aji Yulianto

23 March 2009

Ho fatto una promessa” (I made a promise), is the title of Nicola Legrottaglie’s book which was presented at the Media Center in Vinovo during the press conference which also saw the particpation of Darwin Pastorin and Mariella Scirea. In his book, the defender recounts his experience as a man of faith, faith which supported him in these years and helped him reach his objectives. The first of these was to become a professional player and it id from this wish that the title of the book was born. A promise to GodIf I ever become a Serie A player, I will be a missionary in the world – one can read on the fly-page of the cover. He did his part and now it is my turn».

«In this book I recount my experience, the route of my life, as a footballer and as a man of faith. The two paths are inevitably linked because God is always present in every moment. The message that is conveyed is that He is always by our side and we only have to open up our heart to receive him».

Nicola, besides the book, also spoke of football with Juventus Channel: «Now I am well, my knee is responding and shout be available after the break. My team mates played really well, showing once again that there are no first team players or reserves but that Juventus is a team made up of players of great value».

Juventus’ improvement, not only on a results level has been acclaimed and recognized even by the opponents. Mourinho, himself, spoke well of Ranieri’s team: «This is of great satisfaction to us. Two years ago we were in the Serie B and having got to this point in such a short time competing with a team like Inter is a reason to be proud». With reference to the title of his book Legrottaglie is asked what promise he would like to make to the fans: «That all of us will always give the maximum effort. I cannot promise results, it wouldn’t be right, even if the thing we all want is victory. We for sure, will not let go until the very end».


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