Aji Yulianto

Monday 23 March, 2009

Giancarlo Abete has been re-elected as President of the Italian Football Federation.

Abete, who has held the post since 2007, received the backing of almost everyone in the electoral council and will remain one of calcio's most important men for the next four years.

“Thank you for your trust,” he beamed after hearing the result. “I hope to repay you with hard work and the right results.

“Italian football is certainly in better shape than it was two years ago, but it has been a hard year and we will need a lot of passion to continue past the current problems.

“We mustn't allow the global economic crisis to impact on an industry upon which so many people rely.

“Stress and emotion are part of football and we just need to fight through. It's not about following other countries - we must find our own path.”

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