Aji Yulianto

Monday 23 March, 2009

Juventus defender Nicola Legrottaglie agrees with boss Claudio Ranieri that it has been a superb season for the Old Lady.

The Bianconeri look likely to have to settle for second place as Inter stroll towards the Scudetto.

But it is still a superb achievement for a side that have had to battle back from the abyss since the Calciopoli scandal.

“Whatever happens now it will have been an excellent year,” Legrottaglie told Tuttosport.

“What we have achieved is almost miraculous given the number of injuries that we have had.

“When you consider that we were in Serie B two years ago it has been a marvellous journey.

“Last year we were third, this time around we are second. Next year it is our turn to finish first.

“Perhaps we lack a little experience for European football but our youngsters are growing and will be amongst the best.

“Even though Inter are doing so well anything is possible and lots of teams have bounced back from further behind than we are,” he concluded.


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