Aji Yulianto

14 April 2009

To see him back on the field we will have to wait till the beginning of the next season. In the meantime Momo Sissoko was at Vinovo to say hello to his team-mates.

35 days after the operation to the left foot and after some time spent in France – in Capbreton under the eyes of Professor Puig – the Franco-Mali player returned to Turin for a few days. He spoke of his conditions to Juventus Channel: «My foot is better and I am well. I can walk without crutches and hope to be on the field by the end of the season for the World Cup qualifiers with my national team».

Momo, therefore, continues with his recovery which is going well. However, it is not easy for him to see his mates on the field: «I have been out for more then a month. Life is like that but now what interests me is healing as best I can and be the usual Sissoko. Being out is never easy and I followed the progress of my team-mates. They are going through a particular moment but I am sure they will be back and have a great end to the season confirming the second place».


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